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From 1347 to 1425 Waren was the Residenz of a branch of the House of Werle who were part of the Obodrites family. The first town hall stood on the Alter Markt and then in the middle on the Neuer Markt.

The present town hall on Neuer Markt was built from 1791 to 1797 and extended in 1857.

After the putsch was suppressed, both men fled to Munich and Austria and the family seat was seized by the Free State of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

At the back of Waren Town Hall a bullet hole can still be seen today as reminder of the affair. On 3 December 1920 Waren became the county town of the county of Waren.

On 11 November 1925 the sub-district (Amt) of Röbel was incorporated into the Amt of Waren. In the same year Waren Harbour reached its economic peak – 188 ships arrived and 208 departed handling a total of 22,330 tonnes of goods.