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The camera was a special instrument for Marianne Brandt's artistic work; she had already completed studies in painting prior to her Bauhaus years, but it was finally the camera and the exploration of the medium of photography which culminated in about fifty photo collages consisting of her own photographs and collected press photos. further questions regarding the submission Online registration and entry upload for product design, photography and experimental set-ups1 October 2015 — UPDATE:proof of payment instruction until o'clock European Central Summer Time (UTC 2) qualifies for participationupload is possible until 5 June 2016 o'clock European Central Summer Time Nominee announcement for product design, photography and experimental set-ups30 June 2016 Submission of the nominated entries of product design, photography and experimental design to the museum1 August — 12 August 2016Adress: Industriemuseum Chemnitzsubmission International Marianne Brandt Contest Zwickauer Str.

119, 09112 Chemnitz Germany → Dates The contest is divided into two phases: The first phase contains the digital submission of the exhibits.

Participants register at: successful registration (on receipt of the participation fee and the issuing of credentials by the Marianne Brandt Design Contest host) participants may upload a digital version of their exhibit as a single PDF document (max. The jury will then nominate the exhibits for the second phase.

The second phase includes the submission of the exhibits by mail.

Other special award donators will be published soon.