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Senior dating Hjørring
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ILLUSTRATIONS: GRAHAM SAMUELS anniversary of Denmark’s brief war with Prussia and Austria-Hungary (photos), which resulted in a Danish defeat and left a deep impression on the Danish national consciousness.

This autumn, Danish TV-viewers will get the chance to relive the one-day battle fought on 18 April 1864.

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One of the organisation’s primary areas of focus is to maintain Denmark’s position as the leading knowledge and competence hub for wind energy.

VICTOR HENNING CEO German founder of Mendeley While Victor Henning studied psychology, he and his fellow students lacked a platform for sharing research materials.

Denmark and Greenland’s wide spectrum of Arctic research is now set for a boost.

The best known Arctic research activities involve the analysis of ice cores drilled from the inland ice (photo), which provides new knowledge about the climate, flora and fauna of the past.

The app also provides travellers with updated flight statuses.