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Secret partnervermittlung Mülheim an der Ruhr
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The theatre was designed by the city itself, and work directed by Erich Schulzke of the parks department.The park opened three years later, the theatre being ceremonially opened with a performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream on the small stage on 28 June 1936, a Sunday evening in midsummer.The former leather and coal city had successfully made a complete transformation to a diversified economic centre.

At the time of the city's 200th anniversary with approximately 170,000 residents, it was counted among the smaller cities of Germany.

Mülheim was the first city in the Ruhr Area to become completely free of coal mines, when its last coal mine "Rosenblumendelle" was closed.

People stripped the theatre of its wooden benches to use as firewood.

After the war, the theatre was eventually repaired and reopened on 30 June 1954 with a performance of Bizet's opera Carmen that drew 2,300 people: standing-room-only tickets were sold for 50 pfennings.

At those and other Regler events at the theatre, the proceeds from sponsorships and refreshment sales are put back into the theatre and its equipment and the performers paid by "passing the hat".